Wanaka Station Black Sheep

100% Pure Undyed New Zealand Wool.

Approx 100g skeins of 6-stranded wool fibres

Average length - 75 metres.

Recommended size needles 10mm

Recommended for experienced knitters

Grown and Processed in New Zealand

The sheep fleeces will vary in colour and as the fibre is NOT DYED there will be colour variations as you knit. This is normal and part of the charm of wearing Natural Sheep Fleece.

This is a sliver yarn, not a spun yarn. It needs careful handling as a single strand may become separated or split. If this occurs, no need to worry, just knit it back in as you work. The occasional separation will not affect the garment. It is all part of the joy of working with a 100% natural wool product.

Please note: This yarn is better suited to experienced knitters.

Mid Brown
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Wanaka Station Black Sheep Patterns

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